Monika Nieborek was born in Otwock, Poland. She began her studies in art at The University of Warsaw. Monika was inspired by nature and the beauty of her homeland. While in Eurpoe she created a series of paintings with organic subject matter using unique textures of various mediums.
     In 1994, Monika moved to the United States. She arrived in New York City where she pursued her love of art. Nieborek was thrilled to be surrounded by all of the galleries and museums New York had to offer. Monica was inspired by the local art scene and artists whom which greatly influenced her work. 
      In 2004, Monika graduated Middlesex College in NJ with a degree in Fine Art. Following graduation, Monika moved to Phoenix, Arizona. She now has a new landscape, the southern desert, to admire and recreate in her abstract expressionist style of painting. 
      Monika works with both oil and acrylic mediums. Along with paint she uses a numerous array of materials creating beautiful textures and compositions. She finds inspiration in simple found objects like paper, fabric, string or glue. Her palette explores all bold color combinations with accented highlights of bronze.
      Nieborek has exhibited in galleries in; Chambersburg, PA, Polish Consulate Art Gallery in New York,The Collections Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ and of several art shows across the U.S.  
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