JERRY MULLER 
      Photographer, editor, art director, designer, collector and teacher, Jerry Muller now celebrates his 60-year involvement in communications and the arts. His career began in midtown Manhattan, where he worked as assistant to some of America’s outstanding photo-illustrators. At eighteen he was teaching photography and contributing to national magazines.
      He received his formal training in fine art at New York University, the Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, and the Brandt Painting Workshop in Corona del Mar, but he learned photography as an apprentice behind an 8x10 view camera with a 14” Kodak Ektar lens, the standard for every commercial photographer in New York City at that time. Outside the studio he used his Rolleiflex almost exclusively, shooting cityscapes, character studies and environmental portraits.
      After graduating from Marquette University he went to work as editor and art director for Teen Beat in Milwaukee, where he shot his first magazine cover. Upon his arrival in California in 1962, he was hired as editor and art director of the brand new Orange County Illustrated, noted for its fine art covers, its famous writers and cartoonists. Muller’s fashion shots for the magazine and portraits of its contributors represent the bulk of his photographic output during this period.  
       In addition to his participation in numerous group shows he has, in the past few years, had solo exhibitions of his photography at the University of California, Irvine, Portland State University, Newport Beach Public Library, Image Control, The Art Institute of California, Orange County Public Library, National Telephone and Communications, Reflective Image Gallery, Showcase Gallery and the Robert Mondavi Wine and Food Center. 
      Muller has taught the history of comic and animation art at the University of California, Irvine, and for years taught publication design at Orange Coast College. One of this country’s authorities on comic art, he has circulated portions of his own collection to over 75 American art museums, universities and art centers.  
      At the 1980 San Diego Comic Art Convention he was given an Inkpot Award for his efforts in advancing serious recognition of the popular arts in America.
      Formerly editor and/or art director of several national magazines, including Country Beautiful and Reproductions Review, Muller has won numerous awards for his writing, editing, art direction and photography. He has long been listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in American Art.
Anita Ekberg, 1955
Wall Street, 1954
Time Square, 1951

Manhattan Monday, 1953
On the Waterfront, 1954
Disneyland Fashion, 1964
Goldwater & Friends, 1965
Five Cartoonists, 1965
Brooklyn Bridge, 1953
Maiden Lane. 1953
Thinker of 42nd Street, 1952
Under the Bridge, 1954
Lower Manhattan, 1953
Fashion Island, 1965
Dream Girl, 1955
Sterling Halloway, 1965
Rex Brandt. 1969
Ebbet's Field Interview, 1951
Ted Degrazia, 1973
The Mechanic, 1952
Chivvis Iron Worker, 1955
Winter at the Beach, 1950
Meditation New Orleans, 1995
Morning Fog, 1955

Blues Guitar, 1973
Gentleman of Leisure, 1954
Summertime, 1954
Rainy Day, Wall Street, 1954
San Francisco, 1997
Empire State, 1950
Sag Harbor, 1955
Coney Island, 1953
Self Portrait, 1955
Model, 1955
Winter Morning, 1951